Full Circle Managed Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Closing the loop

Full Circle Managed Solutions is an “extra-mile”, a next-generation service provider with over 50 years’ experience in the soft services sector. We complete the value chain by offering a full bouquet of services and sourcing solutions for the service industry on both ends (customers, service providers and PDI’s). We close the loop by providing support in supplier management and the design of a unique system for each client. Our range of services covers the following aspects: cleaning, hygiene, pest control, landscaping and crafting specific solutions to realise maximum efficiency.

Our clients benefit from our experience and track record. We have grown in this industry since 1997 with our loyal and passionate team. We hold ourselves accountable to our promise of high standards of service, objective and insightful advice with transparent contracting and governance of soft-service management.


We specialise in viral and cross-infection cleaning strategies in multiple environments and have designed and implemented solutions specific to the current pandemic crisis we face. We are service-centric and align with government regulation and the industry-standard ensuring safety and quality.

To close the loop in this value chain, Full Circle Managed Solutions believes in Net positive impact, adding value after each encounter. One of our key guiding values is enterprise development and empowerment. This includes empowering youth and PDI’s to develop future entrepreneurs.

The pandemic has now brought our focus to the urgency needed in providing a marketable solution to address the radical recovery stakeholders in the services sector seek.

The leadership of Full Circle Managed Solutions comprises two generations of service industry experts, leading with a responsible and conscious corporate culture. We believe in building relationships based on sustainability and integrity.

Transformation is a necessity in a reality that has step-changed on many levels. To stay relevant in the ever-evolving future, we offer clients a way to contribute to lasting positive change.

We subscribe to and implement enterprise development processes to realise the businesses transformation targets.

We handle our client’s privacy and intellectual property with integrity and protect all confidential information with the utmost care.