Enterprise Development

Building the people that service the industry

Ensuring the efficiency, safety, comfort, and operational functionality of properties and real estate is an essential service. This has clearly been demonstrated through the Covid-19 Pandemic. Full Circle Managed Solutions goes several steps further to close the loop – offering much-needed expertise on the governance of this service. As one of the 6 Capitals required for the Integrated Reporting Framework, fixed assets and property falls under “Manufactured Capital”. We are very conscious of how closely all “Capitals” and functions are intertwined.

Apart from this philosophy, our differentiators are our hands on experience, unwavering product knowledge, quality service, enterprise development and transformation. Whilst clients need services, they also need ethical service providers who are conscious of the ever-evolving occupational health and safety requirements in line with current disaster management legislation.

Our passion is rooted in the well-being of the staff on the ground. As stipulated by legislation, an organisation has to invest significantly in their community by developing small enterprises to meet BBBEEE requirements. Although underpinned by well thought out legislation, it has allowed for a labyrinth of profit seekers and system manipulators. We look forward to meeting with our clients to reengineer and revive strategies.

Our business model has never been more relevant and necessary in the current economic situation and we believe that by partnering with our clients we will pioneer a solution that supports ‘pure thinking’ with a fresh perspective and energy for 2021